Totality Chapter 2 (Part 2)

I woke with a start. My alarm never used to starttle me, but after the experience I just had,  could you blame me for being scared of everything? Nothing seemed familiar anymore. I also had shifted my worries. I needed to find the figure, whoever he was before he found wht he was looking for. I needed to find what he was looking for before he did and prevent him from getting a hold of it. A part of me also made giving him the item was a good idea, but he seemed like the type who would turn around and kill us anyway.

After all the commotion, I had a multitude of crazy thoughts going through my head. I decided that I should probably make myself some breakfast. I sat up in bed and looked around. I was in my old room. My room from Albuquerque. The room that I shared with Rhea. Had that all just been a dream? There was no way. My bed was the only piece of furniture in the space. I swung my feet over the side. I was wearing my tennis shoes, and the outfit I had worn the day before. Interesting, I never slept in shoes.

I stood and wandered out into the bare hallway. Down th hallway I went until I passed the living room into the kitchen. There was not a single piece of furniture in the house apart from my bed. This had to be another dream. I looked out the kitchen window. There was nothing out there. I began to panic despite the fact that I was in a dream. There was nothing that gave me any clue what was happening. I came to three conclusions, none of which I was really fond with. Either this was what happend really far in the future, this was what happens as a result of the war with the shadowy guy, or it was just my mind dragging me in irrational directions.

After a minute that seemed like an eternity, I stepped out of the house. There wasn’t really anything else to do, so I figured I didn’t have much to lose. I stepped into the unknown. As soon as my foot kit the ground outside, the house disappeared. I was left with nothing but an endless expanse of redish brown haze over a desert of red sand. I couldn’t even see the sun. Just then, I thought I saw a figure in the distance, but I immediately shot that ridiculous idea out of my head. Dream or not, no one would be crazy enough to venture to this place. Besides, the last figure I came across declered war on earth, or at least me.

Now, allow me to give you some insight, if the figure you see doesn’t go away, then you’re most definitely seeing a figure. The figure kept approaching me. There was definitely not the same evil feeling to this one, but there was something familiar about the gait. When she got within a hundred feet, I was able to easily tell that she was a girl about a foot shorter than I was, but the haze kept me from getting a good look at her.

Then the haze between us cleared. It was like being in the eye of a dust hurricane. Clearly it was the girl who made the haze clear. Just in time,too; I was getting worried about how much dust I was breathing in. I’d also get a chance to get a good look at her. When I was able to make out the girl’s face, I did a double take. Standing five feet in front of me was Rhea.



Let’s take a break from writing, shall we? I’m going to talk about music. Now, I don’t really listen to much music other than the music that I hear on the radio or the music that my sister plays, but despite not knowing much music, I have found a favorite artist.

While I absolutely love all the songs on 99.1 JOY FM and their artists, my favorite artist is going to go to a thirteen-year-old girl. I am sure almost all of you have heard of her somewhere by now, and if you haven’t, you are missing out on the best singer of 2017 in my opinion. Grace VanderWaal has one of the most unique voices I have ever heard and the songwriting talent to go along with it. She won America’s Got Talent with completely original songs that actually had meaning and purpose.

While it may seem odd that my favorite artist is a kid, let’s just take a second to address the fact that I’m an odd person in general. That has nothing to do with it, though. I appreciate quality music. There are few songs that I love, not only for the talent, but for the meaning. However, A lot of songs these days (especialy rap) don’t have that deep of a meaning. Yes, they have a meaning, but a lot of times they seem so unoriginal sometimes.

Grace finds a way to put a spin on her songs that no one has before. The combination of her voice and her passion make the meaning so much more touching. There is an overwhelming amount emotion pouring out from each word that she sings. That is the reason why a thirteen-year-old with a ukulele wins the top spot on my list. Besides, She’ll be around a lot longer than the thiry-something-year-olds who will retire from the music industry before I graduate college.

Harder Than It Seems

I feel as if people don’t appreciate writing as much as they should. There is a certain amount of obliviousness to the art. A reader can sit down and finish a book in a day if they try, but the author could spend a year writing the book.

As I have been introduced to the world of writting, I have developed a profound respect for authors. Not only do I know how long it takes to develop a good time, I understand the effort it really takes to come up with a storyline, characters, names, plots, conflicts, and even enemies. When I began writting my story Totality, I knew it was going to be rough around the edges, and even worse in the center, but I didn’t know how hard it could be to start a story.

Despite that, I began. As I went, ideas began to flood to my head, and that made it easier to keep the pen moving. The only problem was the beginning. I still needed to go back and do a complete makeover on it. The parts of my story I have posted so far are the second version. The extremely revised version. The difference is obvious. If I were to post any of the original, puke would be coming out of your ears. A morbid picture? yes, but figuratively accurate. The revised version still has its flaws, but it has actually become shareable. Let’s just say there was a lot less continuity and orginization. I was looking at the original and I was thinking to myself: How in the world am I going to fix this? Let’s just say, I basically wrote a whole new first chapter while keeping the most important details.

The previous blogs is the only time anyone has ever read this (besides my creative writing teacher).  Even he might not recognize it at first, though. Since it had no exposure before tonight, I don’t have any idea how it is going to fall, which makes it tough, but I plan to revise it until it is perfect based criticisms I get (depending on if it acctually makes sense or not).


Totality Chapter 2 (Part 1)

I heard that the first night in a new house can be rough sometimes, but I nothing could have prepared me for the night I had. I fell asleep with ease, but as soon as my dreams began, I had the most vivid nighmare I had ever had.

It began with me siting in the grass of our new front yard at dusk. I looked up to see the sunset, but my heart skipped a beat when I saw what was in the sky. The sun was high in the sky, but, what I could only assume was the moon, was blocking it almost completey. All that was left was the ever so beautiful corona.

Out of the shadows, a figure began to emerge. I assumed it was a he, but I couldn’t be sure. He approached me in such a manner that set off alarms in my head; this guy, whoever he was, was bad news. My heart began to race. I was struggling to keep it from coming out of my throat. I started to back away from the figure, but I didn’t get far before I was crippled by the figure’s voice. The figure spoke, and I was confident that I had assigned the right pronoun. His voice was only describable as the voicebox equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. Deep as an ocean, yet so raspy and worn it sounded as if a sparrow had been shoved in the open end of a tuba. I collapsed. I knew it was a dream, but it felt so real.

“You have something that belongs to me”

My voice was barely a squeel. “What?”

“So you’re going to play dumb, are you?”

“You’ve got to believe me. I don’t have what you want”

If I’ve learned anything from the stories I’ve read and movies I’ve watched, it’s not to give a clearly evil character what they ask for. Even if I knew what he was talking about, not like I would have given it to him.

I almost changed my stance when he told me what he was planning. “Very well, play dumb. I shall begin assembling my forces. You will stand no chance. In precisely twenty-three days the portal will open, and I shall attack. Earth will stand no chance unless you surrender what I am asking for.”

“I still have no Idea what the heck you are talking about.”

“Very well, we shall meet again in twenty-three days in a very lopsided battle.”

The figure began to disappear. I looked up to see that the eclipse was no longer in totality. I regained the function in my body, and stood. There was no trace of the guy who just threatened to destroy Earth. I had a feeling this was more than just a dream. My head was now filled with questions that I could not answer, but the stories my grandmother had told me began to connect. They werent just spearate stories or myths, they were all a part of something bigger. The more I began to piece together, the more questions I began to have. There were now thousands of different ways for my mind to wander, but for now all I knew for sure was that some shadowy figure in a giant celestial bathrobe of shadows was assembling an army of who knows what to march through the eclipse to completely destroy the human race.

Totality Chapter 1

Throughout the semester, I have been working on a story during freewriting time. At fisrt, it was meant to become the short story that I published for the capstone experience, but as I continued writing it, it just became longer and longer until I had a story that filled up half of a notebook. Clearly, I couldn’t use it for my short story, but I did borrow the name of the main character.  That was mainly because I was out of ideas for names, but that is beside the point.

What I want to do for the next few blogs is post the first few chapters, if you will, as a way to share what I have written since I am doubtful that I will do any actual publishing, but I guess only time will tell. I guess I should just begin, so here it is in all its ameture glory.


Allow me to introduce myself: I am Ryland Heath, a seventeen-year-old boy that has been through more than anyone could ever imagine. Everything began last year when my family moved two thousand miles from our hometown of Albuquerque.

Now, most people want to leave as soon as the arrive there, but to my sister and I, it was our home. Rhea, despite being 3 years younger than me, was always out of the house finding something to do. Whatever she was doing, it was a lot more interesting than the school work I was doing, because she always seemed to be coming home covered in dirt. Every once in a while she would have cuts and bruises. No one really questioned her about that. We just thought she was exploring places that she shouldn’t be like any other “normal” teenager.

For me, I didn’t really have a true connection to the town other than my grandparents. I loved the stories that my grandmother would tell. So many of them were myths and legends about atrological events, but my favorite story was always the one about the total solar eclipse, which I had never witnessed before. Every time she told it to me, I always wished that I had been there with her to witness it, but next time it happened, I would be two thousand miles away. On the bright side, or would it be dark side, we moved into the path of totality for the next solar eclipse.

The suburbs of St. Louis were so much nicer than our old place. The greens of the trees were innumerable, the houses almost twice the size of our two bedroom ranch, even the people were nicer. I missed Albuquerque and my grandparents, but I could get used to this. After all, I could still stay in touch with people. It’s not like we were back in the stone age anymore. The only thing that would take getting used to was the humidity. As soon as I stepped into the Missouri air, I became a human waterfall. I didn’t even know I could sweat from some of the places that I did.

Somehow, Rhea was compleely unfazed, but it was hard to tell behind the scowl she was wearing. For someone her age, she could be intimidating. She stood a whole foot shorter than my six foot frame, and had the sweetest round face. Rhea’s rich brown hair and deep green eyes gave her the complexion of someone at least 5 years older than she was. I’m not sure how I ended up getting such a gem as a sister to be honest. Though I had the same eyes, my hair faded from a soft brown at the roots to a dirty blonde the rest of the length. My face was a lot more accentuated, but that came with age.

We arrived at our new home; Rhea hadn’t made a peep the whole trip until she saw the house.

“Woah!” Her scowl softened into a little smile. “I guess this might not be so bad.”

The house was another ranch house, but it was abeautiful light brick house with a front porch. The porch was blocked almost completely blocked off by a massive, well groomed bush. The giant “U” driveway cruved around a wide open front yard. We had so much room. The asphalt driveway continued past the side of the house to the rear facing garage. The interior was huge. There were three bedrooms on the main floor, which meant I didn’t have to share a room with Rhea anymore. the living room had a vaulted celing, and opened up into the dining room and entryway. It felt like home. It was the first time I ever felt at home. A whole new life was waiting for me. I just had to go get it.

Or maybe it would find me.


The Hero’s Journey

Sunday mornings at church the past two weeks, we have been looking at the widely known Hero’s Journey. We’ve been over it in school many times, but school isn’t allowed to relate it to religious texts. I was always afraid to make the connection for fear of getting in trouble, but now I finally get to talk about it freely:

Whether you believe The Bible is true or not, if you take a look into the stories inside, the Hero’s Journey fits perfectly with almost all of them.

I’m it going to go into great depth right now, but I will provide an example. Jonah and the big fish/whale is a wonderful example. According to The Bible, God called Jonah to go to one of the most sinful cities in the world (Call to adventure). Of course Jonah had his qualms about that, so he took a boat the opposite direction (resistance to the call). Obviously it didn’t go as planned, and Jonah told the others on the boat he was on to throw him overboard so they could save their ship (Crossing the threshold/point of no return). Jonah was now In a pickle. He was sitting in the belly of a giant fish/whale. He eventually made it to the city God wanted him to go to: Ninavah. Obviously that’s the resolution.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that, even if we aren’t allowed go over it school, The Bible still follows similar tracks as modern day stories.

Expecting the Unexpected

The oldest cliche in the book: expect the unexpected. It’s a kind of an odd concept if you think about it. If you expect the unexpected, then it is not really unexpected anymore. It’s just kind of something that happens. I’ve everyone expected everything, then life would be pretty boring. You wouldn’t be able to jump scare anyone, play pranks, or even see a movie without everyone already knowing what was going on.

It would be even more interesting on schools. Teachers would try and write tests that would challenge the students, but if the students knew what to expect instead of being hit with unexpected problems, the tests would no longer be hard.

Yet another look into it is the fact that right now we have no idea when or how we are going to die. You might even say that we would die unexpectedly. Now, if people expected the unexpected, wouldn’t that technically mean that they would know when, where, and how they would die?

For me, that would just add a whole new level of boring to the world while adding a ton of drama. To be honest, the unexpected things often end up being the best. While I feel like expecting the unexpected in some places in life is a great idea, I also think the unexpected is what keeps people motivated to try new things.